What size are Buff Headwear products?
Buff products in Adult size are designed on a 'one size fits most adults' basis. Our sizing chart suggests you choose products from our standard range (adult size) if you have a head size of circumference between 21" and 25"  or 53 - 62 cm (when measured just above the ears). For ladies who may have a slightly narrower head we also offer Women's Slim Fit (in Original Buff) which is designed to fit heads 50 - 55 cm and featuries prints and patterns that appeal to a more sopisticated, feminine audience.

Junior and Child Buff products are designed for kids aged 4 to 12 years old whose head circumference is between 19" and 22" or 50 - 55cm. In Cap Buff the Junior size guide is 52 - 57cm. The prints and patterns featured on Junior and Child products also reflect this age group.

Baby Buff products are designed for little people with a head size of 18" - 22" or 48 - 51 cm in circumference. Prints and patterns are appropriate for the under 4's.

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