Fire Resistant Buff

Protects from: thermal risks of heat and/or flames
Features: Fireproof and antistatic. Certified as EPI according to EN-340. It complies with standards EN ISO 11612-08 and EN1149-5/08.
Made from: Nomex®

Fire Resistant Buff® is a tubular garment made with Nomex® and XLA for greater comfort. Certified as Personal Protective Equipment which protects the wearer under standards EN-340, EN ISO 11612-08 and EN1149-5/08, Fire Restistant Buff® is resistant to fire and is antistatic.

Fire Resistant Buff® is ideal for electrical, chemical, petrochemical, foundry and other industrial workers. It’s also suitable for police officers, military personnel and fire fighters who also require protection from heat and flames, other thermal hazards and potentially explosive environments.

Buff® Protection products in the Fire Resistant range have obtained the EC-Type Examination Certificate in accordance with the contents of directive 89/686/EEC and in accordance with the trial procedures that are applicable according to Standards EN 340:2003 (General Requirements), EN ISO 11612:2008 (Clothing to Protect against Heat and Flame (A1), convective heat (B1), radiating heat (C1)) and EN 1149-5:2008 Protective Clothing – Electrostatic Properties, as in Standard EN 1149-3:2004.

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