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May 06 2014 02:35pm

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May 06 2014 02:34pm
Head over to https://www.facebook.com/the.kitshack?ref=hl for more BUFF® news and competitions, don't forget to like the page if you want to enter...


Quite possibly the largest collection of BUFF® headwear and apparel in the USA, the UK and on the planet, plus BUFF® Apparel, SueMe®, Hides® and other incredibly useful bits of kit.
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Jan 22 2013 07:05pm

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Dec 20 2012 10:55am
calling all budding photographer's.... Dave Cornthwaite's holding a travel photo competition so get your entries in early http://davecornthwaite.tumblr.com/post/38315258669/expedition1000-travel-photo-competition-2012

Expedition1000 Travel Photo Competition 2012
Email your favourite travel photo of 2012 to photo@expedition1000.com and we’ll put the best five to the public vote on Facebook. The most popular will win a goodie bag full of prizes...
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Dec 11 2012 07:14pm
What BUFF® product would you like under the Xmas tree this year?
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Dec 11 2012 07:14pm
BUFF®s are flying off the shelves..woops there goes another one...someone is getting a BUFF® in their stocking this holiday...is it you?
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Nov 08 2012 04:46am

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Oct 28 2012 03:57pm
To our Buff®ateers in the northeast
Let's hope sandy makes a sudden change and goes back to Atlantic
Please be safe
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Oct 27 2012 05:00pm
Sunday is Buff® day..
Well not really but let's make it
Everyone wear their Buff tomorrow

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Oct 27 2012 04:41pm
Forecast for today. Cool in the morning-(my merino wool BUFF)
expecting to warm up in the afternoon(headband BUFF), and showers tonight(hoodie BUFF)
What's your BUFF forecast
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Oct 01 2012 06:09pm
Buff Demonstration: http://youtu.be/ewVEK-AElDY via YouTube (@YouTube). patented 90 second video how to wear a buff by our incomparable Mr. P...

Buff Demonstration

How to wear a buff, the multi function outdoor headwear from Spain Buy yours from http://www.proadventure.co.uk/acatalog/Outdoor_Shop_Buff_76.html
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Oct 01 2012 05:54pm
Buff Demo Bloopers: http://youtu.be/XpdtGse76MY via YouTube (@YouTube)....funny stuff...

Buff Demo Bloopers

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Oct 01 2012 05:44pm
Biker Demo: http://youtu.be/hfGyNUdRUFg via YouTube (@YouTube),, check out our video

Biker Demo

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Sep 30 2012 08:11pm
Jump....and your Wings will Appear
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Sep 24 2012 08:38pm
In honor of our new Bird design BUFF®, we want to know..What’s your fav bird?

KitShack Ltd. - Company No. 0722449 - VAT: GB927 1618 18 - Address: Cranborne House, Cranborne Road, Potters Bar - Herts, EN6 3JN - Tel: 01707 852244 - Fax: 01707 852246 - Email: sales@kitshack.com
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Sep 24 2012 08:28pm
for the ornithologist BUFF®ateerist...this one’s for you.


KitShack Ltd. - Company No. 0722449 - VAT: GB927 1618 18 - Address: Cranborne House, Cranborne Road, Potters Bar - Herts, EN6 3JN - Tel: 01707 852244 - Fax: 01707 852246 - Email: sales@kitshack.com
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Sep 21 2012 10:01pm
Nice sandwich board....But us BUFF® ateers knew this:)..

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Sep 21 2012 06:16am
Someone's hitchin a ride to L A tomorrow http://www.latimes.com/news/local/la-me-endeavour-sg,0,4652058.storygallery

Full coverage: Space shuttle Endeavour
The California Science Center received final approval Monday to chop down 265 trees to make room for the space shuttle Endeavour as it rolls through the streets of Los Angeles.
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Sep 20 2012 05:39am
This year sees a huge expansion in the Angler Collection at k

15 designs in High UV Protection BUFF®
4 designs in Visor BUFF®
4 reversible designs in Cap Pro BUFF®
4 designs in Wool BUFF®
4 designs in neckwarmer BUFF®
4 designs in Reversible Polar BUFF®
4 designs in Hood BUFF®
4 designs in Cyclone BUFF®

Yeah...that’s a lot of BUFF®...but then we have a lot of BUFF® ateers:)..

Buffwear Multifunctional Headwear at KitShack
Hi and a very warm welcome to you. If you've shopped or visited before you may wish to log in or you may prefer to create an account. If you'd rather just browse that's fine too but we're sure you'll find something to your liking and want to register anyway. Please, come on in.
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Sep 20 2012 05:24am

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Sep 20 2012 05:23am
Hey Buff®Anglers Have you tried the new Hood Buff!!!...

Yellowfin Tuna/Black [Hood Buff]
Combining Gore Windstopper® with a double layer of soft and stretchy polyester microfibre fabric, Hood BUFF ® offers our optimal warmth and protection from cold wind around the head and ears with added neck protection. The adjustable drawstring allows the
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Sep 01 2012 01:40am
"The Paralympic Games is about transforming our perception of the world. We are all different. There is no such thing as a standard or run-of-the-mill human being but we share the same human spirit"
GO Athletes!!!
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Aug 21 2012 09:29pm

Today's Nature Thought
~Stepping Stones~ Don't carry your mistakes around with you. Instead, place them under your feet and use them as stepping stones to rise above them. ~Real Directions, Heal the World from @[125133670937621:274:Love's Rainbow Universe]'s album: Today's Nature Thought — with Joo Poh Goh and 2 others.
EmpowermentWithLove www.facebook.com/RainbowUniverse We are Connected to Nature in a Myriad of Ways... May Our Heart, Mind and Soul Soar with this Potential♥ Daily Inspirational Quotes by David Shepard-Love at www.Psi-Power.com
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Aug 17 2012 09:25pm
smart fellas

Aveo's First Mongol Rally: The Journey

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KitShack Ltd. - Company No. 0722449 - VAT: GB927 1618 18 - Address: Cranborne House, Cranborne Road, Potters Bar - Herts, EN6 3JN - Tel: 01707 852244 - Fax: 01707 852246 - Email: sales@kitshack.com

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