Scarlett Cox-Lomas

Scarlett Cox-Lomas



I don’t think I had much choice but to love equestrian sports. My Mum, Aunts, Cousins, Dad and both Grandparents all specialise in riding in a number of disciplines, including, horsemanship, top eventing, grand prix dressage and even participation in endurance riding on Arabians in the Middle East!

I first sat on my mum’s old pony when I was less than 2 years old.  From then, my mum took me to ride her ponies frequently.  I wasn’t pushed in to competing and things seemed to happen really slowly.  I didn’t have my first pony, Indy, until I was around 9 years old and even then, it was a battle to get Indy to where I needed her to be.  Nevertheless, Indy gave me the confidence I have today and I owe her more than I could mention in words.

Today I don’t have a favourite discipline when it comes to riding.  I compete in show jumping, dressage and tetrathon, which consists of running, shooting, swimming and X country riding on my pony.  I have been highly placed in my first national show jumping competitions and have always been on the podium at tetrathlon events producing fastest run times for my age. My main success in the dressage arena has been a 5th place with 70% at the BYRDS national championships 2015.

I cannot emphasise how important Buffs are in my essentials kit. They are my hair ties, arm warmers, face warmer, neck warmer and well, just about plug in a breezy gap you could name! They are good quality and offer such a wide range of design that could match any outfit possible.  I especially like how I can fit the thinner products under my riding hat in colder weather.  They keep my hair away from my eyes and keep my ears and neck cosy warm, which is especially good for me as a regular swimmer, I  amprone to ear, nose and throat bugs!

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